Wellness Wisdom Wednesday



Atrium Animal Hospital & Wellness Center

Wellness Wisdom Wednesday

Home First Aid & Common Toxins Awareness
Presented by Dr. Laura Lathan

Wednesday, January 29th


First Aid and Common Toxins 2020 



Holding The Higher Vision...

The Energetics of Health & Wellness

“Wisdom Years Wellness"

Presented by:

Dr. Kim Hombs, DVM, FAAVA, CVA, CVH, CVT

Wednesday, October 30th


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Higher Vision Presentation




Seminar on Feline Health

Fabulous Felines



Join us for an informational seminar with demonstration!

Exotics Animal Companions

Common reasons for veterinary visits, basic husbandry and care.

Wednesday, June 26th

Wellness Wisdom Wednesday Exotic Presentation


Handouts from Buzz on Bunnies Presentation

More Than Just a Chew Stick

Ideal Rabbit Care


Rabbits and Children


Presented by Dr. Erica Johnson

Veterinary Spinal Manipulation for our Animal Companions

Atrium Animal Hospital is excited to now offer Veterinary Spinal Manipulation.  VSM is a system of health care for animals based on manipulation of the spine to restore its normal motion and alignment.  This relieves restrictions on the nerves or the spinal cord that could be impairing their function and the organs they supply.

Misalignments, called subluxations, can be caused by trauma, workload, stress and muscle imbalance. Correcting these misalignments relieves pain and stiffness and improves movement.

VSM can be beneficial for sore backs and necks, chronic lameness and stiffness, movement disorders or "just not doing right!"  Working dogs and canine athletes participating in herding, flyball, agility, dock diving, lure coursing and any other active sport can benefit from VSM to keep them in top condition and help prevent injury.

Dr. Erica Johnson is certified by the Integrative Veterinary Medical Institute as a Certified Veterinary Medical Manipulation Practitioner.

Veterinary Medical Manipulation Presentation Notes





Wellness Wisdom Wednesday

DogLogic Canine Education

Basic Behaviors and Essential Training

Guest Speaker: Lynne Stephens



Atrium Animal Hospital & Wellness Center

Wellness Wisdom Wednesday

Exotic Animal Companion Health and Veterinary Care

Presented by Dr. Laura Lathan

Click here Exotic Animal Companion Health and Veterinary Care


Wellness Wisdom Wednesday

Canine Animal Rehabilitation &

Underwater Treadmill Demonstration

Click here The Role Of Physical Rehabilitation in Veterinary Medicine



Click here Rabies Update, Vaccinations and Vaccine Titers


Click here- Herbal presentation



Click here- The Use of Essential Oils, Hydrosols and Flower Essences


Click here-Diagnostic ultrasound




Educational Seminars for Pet Parents!

November 2017

Basic Behaviors of our Animal Companions


October 2017

Reducing Stress for your Animal Companion when Boarding or Traveling

Reducing Your Pet’s Stress with Boarding and Travel


September 2017

Home First Aid & Common Toxins Awareness

First Aid and Common Toxins 2017


August 2017


Treating pain,​ decreasing inflammation, and increasing circulation

K-laser and Assisi


July 2017

The Art of Healing with Needles-Acupuncture

Acupuncture Benefits Lect Atrium PPT



June 2017

Ocular Conditions and Disease in Cats and Dogs

Eyemergency presentation


May 2017

Stem Cell Therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy


April 2017

Food is the best medicine- To cook or not to cook?

Nutrition Presentation2

Human Holistic Recommendations- humanholistics


     March 2017

Essential Oils for Animals