We have been going to Atrium for 6 years now and I am constantly blown away by the service, attention to detail, honesty, and explanations provided by everyone from the front desk staff to the doctors. Each visit seems better than the last. Our dog is a family member and I come to all of the appointments with more questions that anyone could ever want to answer, and am constantly given thorough responses, never made to feel as though I’m a burden or as though I’m asking something too simple or stupid. Their level of care, understanding, and intelligence is truly unparalleled. We have since moved to NYC and still return to Atrium for out dog’s annual check up and anesthetic dental cleaning– that’s how good they are! And they’re so honest– I’ve never once felt that they were trying to sell me something I didn’t need or recommend a procedure to up the bill– if they recommend something, it’s because it’s truly what’s best for the animal…and it’s never done so with a pushy attitude. Plus, one of their vet techs adopted a former foster dog of ours 🙂 how can you not love that!

Phoebe G.


This wonderful place deserves more than 5 stars. I was referred to them for my little hamster Pepper who was very sick. They saw me frantically sitting in the parking lot before they opened and graciously took Pepper in early. I had never been a patron there before, but I was treated like they had known me my entire life. I was so impressed with the compassion and knowledge of the entire staff, and especially Dr. Laura who worked so hard to save Pepper. She updated me throughout the day, and I know Pepper was so well taken care of. Unfortunately, Pepper was just too sick. When she passed, the staff had wrapped her in a blanket and had decorated a box for her when I went to pick her up that evening. That absolutely blew me away. They went above and beyond for my little pet. I highly recommend this animal hospital and wellness center, they treat you and your pet like family. This is the absolute best veterinary care my pets have ever received!

Katelin F.


The front desk staff were very friendly and welcoming. Dr. Morrison gave Pete a thorough exam, explained things very simply. Gave me multiple courses of action with treating Pete to get her healthy. I 100% recommend to all of my friends who have pets to visit here.

Adrianne W.


Dr. Krieg was very warm and friendly, she made Skyler feel as comfortable as possible. I am very thankful his eyes are perfectly healthy. Sometimes just knowing for sure really makes a difference especially when if we catch things early it can be either prevented or treated with minimal help.

Christina E.


Couldn’t have been better from start to finish. Each person was warm, caring, very knowledgeable and handled our dog expertly and with great kindness. They are completely service-oriented and a pleasure to work with.



“Dr. Laura was absolutely amazing with my fearful cockapoo! She was so patient and loving with him! She took all the time she needed to earn his trust. She has a true love and gift for animals! She answered all of my questions and informed and educated me on many aspects of his care , and looks at the total picture of your dogs health and well being. I wish I had found her and this practice earlier!”

Chrissy McShane


“Very knowledgeable, loving, friendly people. Listened and spent as much time with me as I needed. I didn’t feel rushed. It was refreshing for an animal hospital. I love that they marry holistic with conventional medicine. It is like the best of both worlds under one roof with great doctors! So excited to have found this place!”



“We really enjoyed our experience. Dr. Amy Lin seemed very knowledgeable and I can’t wait to see the results with my dogs.”

Nicole B.


“I am always satisfied with the professionalism and care my pet receives through Atrium. Kathy, Allyson, and the rest of the rehab department in conjunction with Dr. Johnson continue to impress me with their patience and skill with my nervous dog. I will happily continue to make the 1.5 hour drive for her rehab care.”

Hannah B.


“We took our new Airedale puppy in for his first check up. Practically the whole staff had to come over and love on him. We had just lost our old Airedale after 14+ years and everyone was so good about our loss. But they were ecstatic that we had a new one. It is like going to a family get together to go to Atrium. Our other Airedales would go nuts in the car when we turned onto McMahon they liked going there so much.”

Keith Wales, Sr.


“Although I live in Lincolnton I drive the hour to Atrium because everyone there is so amazing and they are absolute concerned for our dogs. We have been able to utilize most of the services to include acupuncture, massage, cancer treatment and surgery and the overall care of my animals. I have recommended these vets and the services offered and will continue to make the drive to feel at peace knowing my dogs have been given top notch medical services.”

Antoinette C.


“They were able to work me in without an appointment on the same day I called and I was not a current client. I did not feel rushed or slighted at all once with the vet. He answered all my questions and was very patient. I was very impressed! Will for sure come back!”

Jennifer C.


“I have been going to Atrium Animal Hospital since they first opened. There are not enough words to describe how professional, caring and experienced each and every person who works there is. They make everyone and their furry friends feel special. The care my animals have received has been extremely wonderful. I would not go anywhere else ever!! Thank you Atrium for all that you do.”

Leslie Billings


“I took my exotics, a beardie and a dutch rabbit to be seen for a checkup. Whole office was friendly and comfortable and great with both of my pets. Dr. Morrison was very helpful and willing to share information for all of my questions. Overall it was a great experience.”

Kathryn N.


“We had a really great first visit with our 10 month old boxer. All of the employees were great! The techs were all extremely friendly. Dr. Hombs was wonderful! My dog felt very comfortable with her and was immediately drawn to sit in her lap. (She is 48 lbs!) She was sincere and knowledgeable. She listened to all of my concerns and was very open-minded and accommodating. We are happy to have found such a wonderful facility to bring our baby to!”

Stacy S.


“I have boarded at other facilities in the past and Bonnie comes home traumatized and so hoarse from barking she cannot bark for a week, but this does not happen at Atrium Animal Hospital. I have left Bonnie at Atrium for long and short weekends and she comes home acting great and with her bark fully in place. She is obviously spoiled by the staff and it shows.”

Regina R.


“I have been taking my pets here for the last 4 1/2 years. The office staff knows me and my pets by name, and the veterinarians and vet techs are top notch. My animals actually enjoy going and I know they’re getting quality care. One of the things that I really appreciate is that they offer herbs, laser therapy and acupuncture in addition to traditional medicine. These remedies have greatly helped several of my animals that suffered from various conditions. I have also brought my boxer for the anesthesia free dental cleaning and that was a success!”

Heidi F.


I have been a client of Atrium and Dr. Hombs since 2007. The entire staff truly cares about all of their patients and that is evidenced in may ways.
The veterinarians are regularly engaged in external training and are aware of the latest medical developments. In turn the entire support team also undergoes regular training locally.

My experience has been that no matter what medical issue I am dealing with, from allergies to cancer, I never feel rushed, no question is too small and I am always given all of my holistic and traditional options. I am always able to make the best decision for my pets and have complete confidence in Dr. Hombs and her team.

Based on my experience with the vets, vet techs, rehab team, kennel team and front desk, I highly recommend the Atrium team.

Janice C.











Like many pet owners, I love and treat my dog Stoli as if he was my own child.  Although relatively healthy for most of his life, as Stoli neared age 10 he began to develop cancerous mast cells periodically and required several surgeries to have them removed.  Naturally, I was heart-broken and apprehensive every time he required anesthesia and surgery.

In an effort to ensure that Stoli could remain happy and healthy, and potentially prolong his life, I decided to visit Atrium and consult with Dr. Hombs.  Within the past several months subsequent to placing Stoli on a new diet that has been supplemented with holistic herbs, Stoli has lost weight, become more energetic, and most importantly, he has remained cancer free.

Dr. Hombs and her staff have been extremely knowledgeable and empathetic to Stoli and my needs throughout this process.  I am very grateful for their past and continued support, and would highly recommend them to any pet owner.

Danielle E.