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Dr. Hombs Saved Her Life

In the summer of 2015 my female Airedale, Simone, started developing arthritis in her hips. She had an increasingly hard time getting up and getting around. I took her to my Vet at the time and he prescribed Rimadyl and Tramadol. After several weeks she was not much better and with cold weather in the offing we started talking about the possibility that she would have to be put down if she got worse in the cold weather. I loved her too much to see her suffer unnecessarily. We started looking for other answers that would help her. My wife had a friend who had had a cat with age issues and she raved about how Dr. Hombs at Atrium Animal Hospital had been so caring and supportive and had helped her cat with Holistic Vet Care. We decided to give it and try and got an appointment for Simone in September 2015.

Dr. Hombs gave her a thorough and caring exam and laid out a Holistic regimen which included natural supplements and total change in diet to include Honest Kitchen dehydrated food and a special Crockpot food recipe, there are also many more on the internet. She also suggested K-Laser treatments to help break up the congestions in the affected joints. Simone was so sore the first time that Dr. Hombs could not touch her but she very caringly and professionally continued the treatment. We started her plan that evening. We threw out all the processed dry food and donated the canned food. We saw an almost immediate positive change in Simone. We have continued the food and supplements regimen as well as the K-Laser treatments every three weeks since then.

It is now April 2016 and Simone is her old Life of the Party self. She is back to chasing squirrels in the backyard and loves to take walks in park. She just turned 10 this month and no one believes that she is that old. Her brother, Simon, is on the same food plan. He is 11 ½ and does not look or act it. I have become a true believer in the Holistic approach to Vet care, Dr. Hombs and the entire staff at Atrium. Any dog I have in the future will be raised on this regimen and go to Atrium Animal Hospital.

Without Dr. Hombs and all the wonderful staff at Atrium I am sure that Simone would no longer be with me. THEY LITERALLY SAVED HER LIFE!!!
You will not find a more caring or knowledgeable group of Professionals anywhere to care for your pets.

Keith Wales, Sr.


“ATRIUM IS AWESOME” is what I tell folks and that’s based on my personal experience which started 4/1/98 when I started to work there and discovered that Dr. Kim Hombs is such an original, holistic Dr. and since working there for over 13 years turned into that opinion only being confirmed by happy clients, healthy pets, successful procedures, etc. The staff is mostly long-term solid professional, caring, sincere and friendly folks that it’s obvious that Atrium is a happy place behind the scenes which transfers to the level of customer service that can’t be found anywhere else.
Love my Atrium!

Marcie South


I have been a client of Atrium and Dr. Hombs since 2007. The entire staff truly cares about all of their patients and that is evidenced in may ways.
The veterinarians are regularly engaged in external training and are aware of the latest medical developments. In turn the entire support team also undergoes regular training locally.

My experience has been that no matter what medical issue I am dealing with, from allergies to cancer, I never feel rushed, no question is too small and I am always given all of my holistic and traditional options. I am always able to make the best decision for my pets and have complete confidence in Dr. Hombs and her team.

Based on my experience with the vets, vet techs, rehab team, kennel team and front desk, I highly recommend the Atrium team.

Janice C.











Like many pet owners, I love and treat my dog Stoli as if he was my own child.  Although relatively healthy for most of his life, as Stoli neared age 10 he began to develop cancerous mast cells periodically and required several surgeries to have them removed.  Naturally, I was heart-broken and apprehensive every time he required anesthesia and surgery.

In an effort to ensure that Stoli could remain happy and healthy, and potentially prolong his life, I decided to visit Atrium and consult with Dr. Hombs.  Within the past several months subsequent to placing Stoli on a new diet that has been supplemented with holistic herbs, Stoli has lost weight, become more energetic, and most importantly, he has remained cancer free.

Dr. Hombs and her staff have been extremely knowledgeable and empathetic to Stoli and my needs throughout this process.  I am very grateful for their past and continued support, and would highly recommend them to any pet owner.

Danielle E.



We have taken our pets to Atrium Animal Hospital since the first day they were open for business.  Dr. Hombs has been our Veterinarian for several years prior.  In the years since, our 11 dogs & 10 cats have been in the hands of Atrium.

We have always thought that our little friends had gotten special treatment but we’ve heard from other clients that felt the same way about theirs.  Not surprised and only slightly disappointed.

We’re with Atrium for life!

Wallace & Jo Newman


Rocky 2

Rocky and I are so thankful to Dr. Hombs and her staff for all they have done to help Rocky walk again.  A couple of years ago we began taking Rocky to Dr. Hombs when he could no longer use his back legs.  She began acupuncture on him and within a few treatments he was so much better.  Everyone there is awesome and we tell everyone we know about them and the fantastic job that they do.

Julie B.